Friday, February 6, 2009

Ding Ding! We have a winner!

Thanks to your valuable valentine input, I have decided to go with cards #2 and #3. I couldn't settle on just one. I think those two are sufficiently unmushy, and I must be honest and tell you i carry your heart with me is one of my favorite poems, it makes me cry, so I was sort of leaning that way from the start.

And now, the winner of the printable valentines is -
Commenter #4-AuBien
(I went to Random.org to pick a #, but I'm not savvy enough to copy their little thing and put it in a post)

Congradulations!! Here’s what you need to do now. Go to Etsy, search for printable valentines, e-mail (salunt@cox.net) me and tell me which one you want, I will pay for it and have the PDF file sent right to your inbox. Ta Da!

Coming in at #9 on the Countdown O’ Love----


Ward and June said...

Please tell me you didn't vote for "I'm not in Love". The Cure made my list half a dozen times but I limited it to just one but I think I could have a top 10 love songs written by The Cure.

AuBien said...

Thank you for drawing my name! I'm off to check out Etsy~