Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At the risk of seeming overly dramatic

Valentines Day is ruining my life y’all. I mean, the countdown is great fun to be sure but, everyday? What was I thinking?

Firstly (don’t you think “firstly” is a great word?), there are important things going on in my life that I really don’t know if I can face without the wisdom of the internet, but those will have to wait until tomorrow because B, I need some fashion advice.
I have a confession to make, I’m not glamorous. I know you probably thought I was, because of my classic writing style and my love of the finer things, but I feel like it’s time to come clean. I know a couple glamour girls, but I’m not one of them.

This is my favorite outfit.

Why are you laughing? I think the shoes really pull the whole look together.
Would you be completely mortified if you were my child and I showed up at your school dressed like this? Me neither, but the word on the street (and around our house) is that my children would.

Maybe if I told you why I love this outfit so much it would help. The shirt, best Christmas gift EVER, a custom design, it says “Lunt Brothers Demolition”, our last name is Lunt and we have four sons. My favorite brother and favorite sister-in-law (how lucky is it that they are married to each other? What are the odds of my two favorites ending up together? Now there’s a Valentine’s story for you), anyway, they had the shirts made for our entire family a few years ago. The skirt, well it’s like wearing a really soft blanket, what’s not to love?

Look, at least I didn’t go all Mary-Kate and Ashley on them, sometimes I finish this outfit off with long “sweater coat”. My kids should be counting their lucky stars that it was a warm day. Here's what I want to know, do you wear what you like, or do you dress with consideration to those who have to look at you all day?

Does anyone else remember the scene in Postcards From the Edge when Meryl Streep is telling Shirley MacLaine how she was so embarrassed that time at her birthday party when Shirley's skirt came up in front of everyone, and Shirley asks what's the big deal, so Meryl says "You weren't wearing any underwear!" to which Shirley replies "Welllll!!"? At least I've never done anything like THAT. Come to think of it, maybe we should rent Postcards From the Edge, it wouldn't hurt my kids to see that things could always be worse!


MaybeMama said...

I am with you. Wear what you want. I don't take what's fashionable or what others want to see me wearing into effect when dressing or when buying clothes. I have always been and will always be a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl.

I haven't seen Postcards From The Edge in years!

Ward and June said...

I didn't know J&M made you that shirt...I thought we had made those shirts.

I still wear mine all the time too. It is one of my proudest gift ideas I've ever had. I'm glad you really like it.

I have never seen Postcards from the Edge...maybe I should netflix it...it it worth it?

And I don't seem to own a mirror when it comes to fashion. Sometimes I will be at Target and I will catch my reflection in the mirror and I feel really bad for Ward. I just wear what's comfortable, affordable and still fits.

wesley's mom said...

You've NEVER seen Postcards from the Edge? You've got to see it. You guys both have crazy mothers (no offense, one of them is my mother too) it's a must see. I don't care how many lives Shirley MacLaine has had, she's still dang funny.

AuBien said...

I wear what I want. And I'm not glamorous either. I don't need to be glamorous right now...I'm home with toddlers or running back and forth from preschool to the grocery to home to Walmart. What is glamorous about that. Doesn't seem like it would be sexier if I hit Walmart in trendy clothes. I still have the same stretched out from baby stomach that I haven't spent the time I should exercising to lose. It's still there whether I'm comfortable or trying to dress up. And I refuse to buy new larger clothes just because I haven't exercised enough to fit into my old ones. Crazy logic. But there it is.

I've never seen Postcards from the Edge. We can borrow DVD's at our library - I'll have to see if they have it. I am the person who just watched Sophie's Choice for the first time last month - what an amazing movie. Wow. I'm a little behind the times.

::Jan:: said...

First off, my son just came home from the Tempe mission. I love AZ..

This is a fun post. I tend to dress the way I like too. But, my kids will always make fun of me. Now I don't care. I will not wear my pj's to Walmart though. I have boundaries.

I think you look fab in the outfit myself. Shoes and all.

Thanks for the visit today :)

Kaycee said...

At least it's not a Slanket =). You look fine, kids are just hypersensitive about fashion and potential embarrassment. Remember this when they have kids and start mismatched pajamas to Walmart.

Kaycee said...

At least it's not a Slanket =). You look fine, kids are just hypersensitive about fashion and potential embarrassment. Remember this when they have kids and start mismatched pajamas to Walmart.

jineen said...

hi! this is my first time here and i wanted to say, i guess i do a mixture of both. i dress in whats comfprtable, but try and make it not too hurtful to others to have to look at me. it is very hard to please everyone...but if you had a snuggie it might cure all woes :) just kidding:) lov eyour site, i'll be back!

wesley's mom said...

Seriously, if my kids had to decide between my favorite outfit or a snuggie, I bet they'd be begging me to wear that striped skirt everyday!

Lisa said...

I usually wear what makes me happy. My kids have finally learned to deal with it now that they are 20 and 13! Great post, thanks for sharing!