Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where was I? Oh yeah, Breath of Fire

I want to like exercising, I know it’s the right thing to do, I’m not one of those gals sitting around saying things like-“My granny smoked a pack a day, ate eggs and grits for breakfast all week and the only workout she ever got was carrying her bingo cards down to the church basement on Thursday nights. She’s 95 and still playing the lottery. I don’t need no stinking exercise!!!” Unfortunately, while my granny might still be playing bingo on Thursday nights, she’s not even close to 95 and to hear her tell it she hardly has the strength to go down to the Wal-mart and people watch anymore, and that’s just sad, because most of her stand-up routine comes from outings like that.

Right, so the yoga. I did some reading. There are several different kinds of yoga and I was torn between the Hatha, which, if my sources are correct, is more of a spiritual yoga, or Kudalini, which is supposed to use the Hatha technique but turn it up a notch to “release my energy”. My thinking was, if I have some energy that is being held captive in one of my chakras, by all means, let’s set it free.

I got up bright and early Saturday. 5:30, I wanted the house to be silent so I could breathe and meditate. I popped in my DVD and began to fill my abdomen with oxygen. A soothing voice instructed me to close my eyes and listen to the music. I was given a mantra to repeat aloud, but only if I felt comfortable doing so. Why had I never done this before? It was so relaxing.

Then the soothing voice told me to stretch my arms to the sides, rotate them in small circles and begin the Breath of Fire.---I’m not going to lie, I thought breath of fire was how your lungs feel after you’ve run around the track a couple of times over at the jr. high, it’s usually in conjunction with the stitch in the side or the splint of the shins. Silly me. Breath of Fire is a yogic tool for cleaning out your lungs and removing toxins from your system, or in my case, if you didn’t read the pamphlet that came with your DVD that explained the technique, it’s a great way to hyperventilate. I could have died.

After 45 minutes of trying to keep up with the amazing 6 foot tall pretzel girl on the DVD my dreams were realized when the words “Deep Relaxation” flashed upon the screen and the soothing voice uttered the sweetest words I had heard all morning “Now, lie on your back in the Corpse Pose”. There’s no way I can express how much love I had for the Corpse Pose at that moment.

This morning was my third morning actually doing yoga. You didn’t think I was a quitter did you? I have modified my plan a little, but I absolutely intend to be able to do all of the things bendy DVD girl can do.

It just might take me a few weeks. Or months. Whatever. I’m at peace with it already.

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Kate said...

I'm jealous. I borrowed a yoga dvd from the library but it never even made it into the player. I have been on the treadmill on and off (more off than on) and I tried to do a workout show on tv but alas, I think I'd rather play bingo.

You keep going!!!!