Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's possible I need to involve myself in more face to face interactions

I need to tell you something. If we are having witty e-mail banter, you know, you write something clever, I reply with something equally if not even more clever, and so on, I will have to have the last word. I’m not sure if it’s because I think it’s rude not to reply, or if I just get caught up in the wit (I get so little witty banter these days, and I do love it so) that I don’t want it to end so I just keep going and going. The sad thing is, when the other person gets tired of the bantering and doesn’t reply to my replies, I start to wonder if I am boring or unfunny or just tiresome. No one wants to be tiresome.

This is what is known as a lose/lose situation. I must have the last word, but then when it turns out my word actually is the last one I am convinced it is because my opponent finds me unworthy of their wit. (What do you think it means that I think of my e-mail contacts as opponets?)

Do you think I should mention this to my shrink?


Kate said...

I don't think you're nuts at all. :)

Becky said...

Yes. See a shrink.

No, not really. I do this sometimes too. My husband actually asked me to stop emailing him a few days ago. It's a good thing he earns enough to send me to counseling for that kind of behavior!!

sticky said...

I always thought I did it because it seems rude to not reply to someone...maybe, secretly, I'm trying to get the last word in...?
Nah, but it sounds better than pathetically needy, don't ya think? :)