Monday, December 15, 2008

It's an exchange, you give me something, I give you something. We all win.

I have never given away anything on my blog before but I am in serious need of the vast knowledge and combined cleverness of my best internet cronies and have decided to reward them with the next best thing to a Red Rider BB Gun. At stake is an entire box of Candy Cane Joe Joes, the most fabulous Christmas cookie available for purchase in all of the world, for you, the lucky winner to share with your family or devour secretly in the privacy of your walk in closet, the point is- The ENTIRE BOX, all 16 servings, could be yours, to do with what you please.

Every year at our family Christmas party we have a gift exchange. Long ago we used to give gifts to everyone, then we all went and had a bunch of kids making it logistically and financially impossible to give individual gifts, so we began giving a family gift which evolved into each family bringing one family type gift and playing the present stealing game. It’s been fun and we have come up with some clever gifts as well as ending up with some clever gifts but it has gotten harder and harder to be original, so this year we are changing it up again.

We have decided to hold a true White Elephant exchange.

I don’t think I can begin to tell you how much this thrills me. White Elephant exchanges are on my list of favorite things, along with really good April Fool’s Day pranks and legend worthy practical jokes

I love a good gag gift and see horrid things all the time that I want to buy, just so I can see the look on someone’s face when they open it. Unfortunately, the receivers I would most enjoy giving a “fun” gift to are the ones who are least likely to appreciate one. Like an Alice Cooper Christmas ornament. You don’t come across one of those everyday. It’s a shame more people don’t have a sense of humor. I mean a good one, like mine

What’s your idea of a great White Elephant gift? What’s the best one you’ve ever given or received or heard tell of someone receiving? It does need to be in somewhat good taste, as there are children involved, but this is an individual event and I feel my competitive side coming out. I must have the most hilarious gift of all.

The only rule is that we cannot spend any money, it must either be something we have hanging around the house or something we make from things hanging around the house. Being married to Fred Sanford puts me at a huge advantage here because I have TONS of things hanging around the house (well, technically my husband has tons of things, but what’s his is mine, right?)

To be the winner you must leave a comment with your idea of the ultimate White Elephant gift, between now and Tuesday evening (Dec. 16th) at 10:00p.m. I will then choose one of your fantastic ideas to use as my coup de holiday and announce the winner first thing Wednesday morning.

On you mark. Get set. GO!


Stesha said...

why don't you give them a box of the cookies.

Ward and June said...

Are there rules to this here contest? Like how many times can a person enter? Are relatives allowed to participate? How many entries per household?

You know, the usual small print stuff.

tara @ kidz said...

Stopping by through Blog Stalkers Unite.

One of my BF's and I give each other a white elephant gift every year. The rule is: we have to display it in our home (front room or kitchen) for the entire year, until we get the next one. So obviously the point is to get each other something awful and hideous. It makes for a good conversation piece and I have so much fun conspiring against my friend all year long. This year I've had an olive green ratty 5-foot long hanging plant hanger in my front room. Oh the looks people give that thing! Sometimes I don't explain it and just let people think my taste really is that bad. Either way it's hysterical!

wesley's mom said...

Of course relatives can particpate, and I don't care how many times you enter, you can only win once.

Tara, that is funny!! If only I had time to macrame, I suppose I would have to know how too.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay...this one tops it all!!!

You take a picture of yourself...usually a silly or less flattering picture.

Like for an example, my BIL dressed up in a speedo was his choice of picture.

Then you print it, and autograph it, to say something like, "Best Wishes" or "I hope you achieve your Dreams" and then sign your name and FRAME it! :)

So you have the GAG part...and then a nice frame for a great gift! :)


That's a good one! right? LOL!

Becky said...

The best white elephant gift I've ever received was a Chia Head. Of course, I was sixteen, so it was cool, not just another something to put on a to-do list.

Feed children. Check. Do laundry. Check. Smear weird seedy pasty stuff on a bald clay head. Check.

What about a movie you have but can't stand? We gave away March of the Penguins and the recipient was thrilled! We didn't tell them that we hated it...

Ward and June said...

You have to make it right?

Macaroni Jewelry, perhaps.

You could knit a nice toilet paper cover or tissue box.

Or, what about some of that Laundry Room art?

Or a cross-stitched landscape maybe.

There is always the tried and true home-made-foam-padded-nun-chucks.

I'll be back with more later.

Ward and June said...

I forgot the Jello of the Month Club. You just write a "gift gard" up for it, and have Ivy make them a new and wonderful jello dish every month.

Ward and June said...

You could make a cool sweatshirt with bubble-glitter-paint that reads: My Favorite Relative, and has an iron-on picture of you.

Ward and June said...

Let me just say, I would really like to try some of those Joe-Joe's and I think a Syrup Bottle Angel would match anyone's decor.


wesley's mom said...

Shelle-Unfortunately (or is it? Probably depends who you ask) I give my family autographed glamour shots of myself a few times a year. I'm not due for another photo shoot until March.

Becky-I am always a fan of the Chia pet. Nothing says "We love you so much we ran into Wal-greens at the last minute on Christmas Eve and selected what is sure to become a treasured family heirloom" like a chia pet.

Ward and June-First of all, are these entries "couple" entries, or "singles" entries? I just want to be able to assign appropriate credit, should one of you happen to win. It's all about the glory, right?

And B. you guys are stinking hilarious. I swear if I did not buy my syrup in the 20 gallon jug from Costco, I would be all over that angel. I might anyway. Do you think I could make a syrup bottle angel from the gallon jug? It doesn't have a face, but I could make one from paper mache.

I can see I am going to have a hard time narrowing all of these clever ideas down to one and picking a winner.

Ward and June said...

Singles-June thought the Angels would be a nice addition to anyone's home and Ward had the plethora of other ideas. I wish I had thought of the Jello Of The Month Club but that was totally him.