Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gather 'round while I get all preachy.

This year before you go shopping I ask you to consider a couple of things. I realize not everyone is as behind on their shopping/crafting/the whole dang stinking list as I am, but if you have any shopping at all left to do consider this; our nation is truly in a financial crisis, I have read more than one article JUST THIS WEEK about hungry children in America. America!!! Here, on our streets, probably in the elementary school down the street from your house.

So, before you go out and buy a bunch of stuff that will just be part of your yard sale inventory in the spring, please check out a couple charities, or better yet, do a search for needs in your immediate area. There are many organizations that value your time as much as your money, so if you are thinking you can’t afford to give anything, think again.

Second, if you are going to buy gifts check out Esty, everything for sale there is handmade or vintage (which means used or recycled, which everyone knows is a GOOD thing), and I promise you could find something great for everyone on your list. Pledge Handmade is a great place to check too. Buying local is another way you can make an impact on your immediate community.

Lastly, I LOVE this, Books for the Holidays. How can you ever go wrong giving books? It’s not possible I tell you. I always buy books for my kids. They expect it now and have all actually given me unsolicited suggestions this year, even the ones that don’t love to read. Merry Christmas to me!!

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