Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...and the countdown continues

July was crammed with swim team, family drama, and BOYS.  It was great.

ICK! August took us back to school, gave us Breaking Dawn AND Elvis week, and brought my mother for a visit.  We did a lot of chatting.  A lot.

By the time September got here I really could have used a vacation, instead I got Sarah Palin, a visit from my in-laws, and the weirdest Relief Society dinner EVER.

October really brought out the political ranter in me.  Whew.  I'm surprised anyone is still reading after all that. You guys should really tell me when I'm getting carried away.  When I wasn't going on and on (and on) about the election, I seemed to just be going on and on about pretty much nothing

Ah, November, an historic election, a new James Bond movie, my stinking 40th birthday(which I am SO over by the way), and some serious art appreciation. 

I'm not going to bother with December, I mean it's not even over yet, how could I possibly? 

PS~We went to see Doubt this afternoon.  I highly recommend it.  My husband gives it a so-so.  Men.

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