Friday, December 5, 2008

All the books in town can't help this guy.

So, this morning I took my son to the library.  We selected our books and went to the self-check out, one of our books wouldn't scan so we got in line to have a real live librarian help us. Imagine our suprise when we (my 10 year old son and I) saw this- --
We were in the LIBRARY people.  The PUBLIC library.  There were old ladies and small children galore and I thought to myself, surely this man does not know that his entire butt is showing. * Before you are too horrified, what you are seeing is a man with his underwear showing, when my husband saw this picture he wasn't sure. *  I was wrong, apparently that's the look he was going for, because at no time did he ever look sheepishly around and exclaim-"Holy Cow!! My pants have fallen down!"  I know everyone thinks I'm awful to have used my camera phone for this kind of evil, and maybe you're right, I can't be trusted with technology.  I've never done it before, though I have thought about it many times, but I was laughing so hard and I knew that my brother-Mr. You ain't gonna believe whut I'm lookin at- (I swear he calls me 10 times a week saying that) wouldn't believe me without evidence.  Plus, I personally think if you go around with your pants down in public buildings having your picture taken and being ridiculed on the internet is a risk you obviously don't mind taking.


James said...

Hilarious. Yet disgusting.

Natasha said...

It takes all kinds to make up a world population, huh?

Ward and June said...

Maybe he was checking out a book on belts.

Do Librarians still exists?

I thought they were like unicorns.


wesley's mom said...

He was wearing a belt. Maybe he was checking out a book on the proper wear and usage of belts.

As for the librarians, I didn't ask to see their credentials so it's highly possibly they are really unicorns.

Cheryle said...

Maybe the local newspaper can start a public service where pictures of people who are (un)dressed can be published! You know - sort of like when the publish the names of men who are arrested for soliciting prostitutes. Maybe the sheer (pun unintentional, but funny!) humiliation would have an impact!

kel said...

Umm...ewwww.. that's nasty. There is no way he didn't know his drawers where past his butt.

Anyhoo... I'm a newbie here! Found ya on Blog Stalkers! Love your blog!! Anyone who takes photos of random strangers butts is my kinda lady!