Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat

I am still having a hard time believing I did it, but last night I acutally wore the "worker bee" costume and went to the ward party as part of a hive. There was a queen bee, a killer bee, a spelling bee, and 2 bee or not 2bee. Whew! We made an entrance with the Bee Gee's on the sound system.
People looked at us!!!
For lots of people it's probably no big deal, but for me the combination of wearing a costume AND being the center of attention was almost more than I could stand. My husband made fun of me for being such a ninny. Anyhow, I survived it and was rewarded when I arrived home and found that the gods of trick or treat had smiled upon me and left this in my mail box.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Seriously...SOOOO creative...I suck at being creative with costumes! i would've stared at you also and then told you how cool you were! :)

Your word verifier says OVENUMAN...that is blasphemous...no man worth is good name would be caught dead around an oven...especially my man...lol...and I am totally kidding...but really what do you suppose that is suppose to mean? lol!

rachel said...

I found you on mormon mommy blogs. I saw the pic of Daniel Craig and had to comment. I have the biggest crush on him too. I am counting down the days to Quantum of Solace. I just found out the opening in London broke all kinds of records :)