Saturday, November 15, 2008

Like I don't have anything better to do.

Garnet Hill has the BEST sweaters and boots. The problem is they are pretty expensive, well, out of the range of my budget anyway. I still like to get the catalog and plan my dream wardrobe. Did you do that when you were a little girl? Or boy?

Back in the olden days, a few times a year, my mom would get a Sears or a JCPenny’s catalog. They were the big ones, with not only clothes and shoes but furniture and tools too, I loved it. I would pour over the pages, planning all that I would buy if I had the most successful lemonade stand in town.

It was always kind of bittersweet, dreaming of all I would buy but knowing I would never be able to.…………..If your lemonade stand hit the big time what would you buy?


beeeeeeeee said...

A Wii with every game.

Shellie said...

I used to plan those imaginary wardrobes too. My kids pore over transformers and legos and action figures. They have almost as much fun looking at them as they do playing with the ones they get.

binders said...

My hubby and I have 'the list'. It's all the stuff/projects/places/things we'd do if money were not a problem. We talk about a project, like finishing the bathroom in the basement, and then we look at the budget and end the conversation with 'put it on the list'.

My girls pour over the American Girl Doll Catalog.