Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's my party I can take the day off if I want to

It’s my 40th (ugh!) birthday today and the weather has decided to be gloomy and rainy. I could take it as an omen, but I happen to like a rainy day every now and then, and since it rarely rains here, I’m thinking it’s my lucky day.

I was going to edit a serious post and work at my incredibly rewarding job but I have decided to take the day off, a decision I am sure to regret on Friday when I have to pay the piper and make up the hours, but what’s the point of being old if you can’t do whatever the heck you feel like doing, right? (That is right, isn’t it?)


Becky said...

Happy birthday, lady! (And 40 isn't old.)

Cheryle said...

Happy birthday! Yes, you can take the day off! And when you're REALLY old (like me!) you can say whatever the heck you want to, as well!

Cosmopolite said...

Happy Birthday!
Found your blog on blogstalkers and thought I'd stop by. :)