Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's all fun and games til you're staring down the barrel of a loaded birthday cake.

Once upon a time (like when I was 35) I used to go around saying things like, I look forward to turning 40, and things like, women of 40 represent wisdom and experience. I even said things like “I look forward to turning 40.” I wasn’t scared of it at all.

I will be 40 in one week.

Somehow I’m not feeling as wise as I thought I would.

Funny how that works.


Cheryle said...

I remember when I turned 40. Barely.

Find a role model. Someone you know who has achieved 40 with flair and aplomb. Emulate her and recognize that it's really only a number.

But I also have a secret that I can only share with women who are 40 (or older - the rest of you must stop reading now!): You will NEVER be as wise as you thought you would be!

Ward and June said...

I TOO have a birthday coming up next week (not that I'll be so old as 40), don't worry about it, it'll be great. I bet your kids are planning a big suprise party with ballons and a DJ and everything. (maybe even Cowboy Dan)

You can not slow the passage of time. And you are (relatively speaking) not any older than or any younger than anyone you know. We're all irreversibly headed in the same direction.

So cheer up old lady, I don't want to read a week's worth of "I'm so old" blogs.


W.V.- ASTRA, as in astrology maybe? Have you called your psycic lately?

wesley's mom said...

Who the heck is Cowboy Dan?

Becky said...

What? You're totally wise! Any time I need a dose of wisdom, I click on your blog! (Hilarious, sometimes sarcastic wisdom, but wisdom nonetheless.)

Ward and June said...

Um, hello? Parenthood.