Thursday, November 13, 2008

I’m kind of a jerk.

Several years ago my mother-in-law gave us this painting.

She had taken some art classes in the 70’s. She explained how she had never really liked it all that much and that she thought the frame was really ugly, but she hated to get rid of it. There’s not much of anything she doesn’t hate to get rid of (she once had me throw away a broken plate while she closed her eyes because she “couldn’t bear” to do it herself.) My husband inherited this quality and is also super sentimental and keeps everything (I’m not kidding, he has a STACK of programs from his grandma’s funeral that he’s hanging on to “just in case”). A real work of art created by a family member was a total jackpot in his eyes. I knew it was pointless to fight it so we took the painting home, a compromise was reached, and it has been happily hanging in our laundry room for years.

This afternoon the shoe dropped on the other foot, you might say. I received several paintings that were from my grandparent’s home. My grandmother died last year and my grandfather is living with my uncle now so the house is being cleaned out and their possessions divvied up between the grandchildren.
As I unwrapped the frames memories of summers spent on the farm came rushing back to me and I was so grateful to have these mementos. Granted, their value is more sentimental than Antiques Road show, but to me they are priceless. I was trying to decide where they would be best displayed when my husband came in to have a look and asked me if I planned to hang them in the laundry room with his painting. Suddenly I felt like a big meanie for banishing his treasures for all this time.

It looks like our laundry room is on it’s way to becoming quite the showplace.


Funny Farmer said...

Awww... I know that feeling. I hate eating crow. :(

But I still think your husband's mother's picture is Uglee!

(don't tell him I said that!)

Great title on this post, btw.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

HA! I loved this post. It's soooo true. How hilarious that you hung it in your laundry room.

And YOUR mother-in-law and MY mother-in-law are practically twins! I swear it!

I love your mother-in-law stories.

You're so cute.

And I actually disagree with FF. I think your MIL's painting is lovely, except the frame. But it's funny she gave it to YOU because she thought it was UGLY. I can't tell you how many bottles of used perfume with cracked lids I've received for my birthday. ha ha

Ward and June said...

Oh, I agree with Crash, it's the frame that needs replacing with the pic, I actually kind of like it.

I hear Laundry Room Showcases are all the rage on that side of the country. Must be true.

wesley's mom said...

Don't be jealous June, one of these fine works of art will be on display in a laundry room near you soon.

beeeeeeeee said...

Love your gallery!

My MIL has given us a lot of art and most of it is stuff she has made... Unfortunately we do not have a laundry room. And she visits regularly.

Ward and June said...

Today's word verifier says: Bob Ross, how appropriate. I think I saw a happy little squirrel in there somewhere.

And there is no room in our Laundry Room for such works of art, but the garage is wide open.


Ward and June said...

He isn't being mean, our laundry room is really that small.

Becky Lewis said...

The Laundry Room, huh I will give it a go.............I just never thought of it. You are so cute, love the post!