Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Door to Door Windshield Repair Guy,

I know the economy sucks, and I am sorry if this is the best employment you can find, but I just have to tell you that when you keep talking after I have nicely let you know I am not interested through the small crack I have opened the door so my large barking dog cannot eat you, I’m serious. I’m not trying to make you work harder for the sale. I’m not trying to get a better deal. Windshield repair is not the sort of impulse buy I’m known to make.

The lady who hopes you find a better job soon


Cheryle said...

LOL! Next time, try, "Thanks, but my water just broke and I'm on my way to the hospital. Check back in 18 years!" And close the door.

(I know, you're a nice person and understand that they have to make a living, but they don't have to make it from YOU!)

Hey - reall words! My verfier is "doomme."

Becky said...

Oh, c'mon! I know you were just playing hard to get, right? I mean, windshield repair? Can't live without it.

Ward and June said...

I've seen your windshield. I'm suprised they're not lined up in your driveway.

CassiB said...

Saw your blog on mormon mommy blogs.

At the gas station I go to there is this guy that is always there nomatter what time of day. I see him like 2 or 3 times a week (because I drive a guzzler) but he is always there and he wanders around the truck I'm thinkin you should probably remember me. One time I went in to pay (it's cheaper) and when I came out he was putting the nozzle in my tank, it was kind of creepy.

Sorry for the long post I guess I'm kinda bugged.

Kevin said...

You have to give the guy credit...

Wile most people are sitting on thier thumbs, this guy is doing something about it.