Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Because having good role models is vital

For my son’s Literature class (he’s a sophomore) he had to pick a biography to read and do a presentation on. My sweet child decided there was no one more interesting to him than Jimi Hendrix. Be honest, when you think of all the people who have made significant contributions to society I know he’s on your list. You can’t fool me.

In order to receive the best grade possible the students were asked to bring props that represented their famous person. My son left the house this morning with an electric guitar and a ziploc bag full of oregano.

I fully expect a call from the principal any minute.


Becky said...


Ward and June said...

Wow, you're the best and you probably will!

wesley's mom said...

I'm not the best (though I will tell him you said I am), I just have 5 children and am too tired to argue about EVERYTHING. I pick my battles. Surely it must have crossed his teacher's mind that bringing Hendrix props could get dicey.