Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time is almost up.

PLEASE, if you have not resigtered to vote click on that button over there. See it? The round one that says "Register to vote NOW". Click and go do it. Today. In some states you only have until Oct.4th.

Also by clicking on that button you can get lots of other election information, like basic voting facts and how to recieve an early ballot . There are also links to all the candidates websites , even that goofy Bob Barr guy! (Just kidding Todd! --about the goofy, not the link, there really is a link.)

If you don't register you can't vote and if you can't vote you can't complain when things go wrong (which, duh, they will!) And if you can't complain where is the joy in the political process?

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Ward and June said...

I admit that Bob Barr is a little goofy. I still looking for a non-goofy candidate this year, but I am registered to vote.

Thanks for the Public Service Announcement.