Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One man's trash.....

I have developed an irritating habit. I have started saying things like “Well, that was just a HUGE waste of resources!” Or “I can’t get over how they have wasted their resources.” Or “blah, blah, blah with the resources.” On every occasion I am right (naturally) whether I am talking about Sheriff Joe using a SWAT team to take down the cleaning crew at the public library or the excess of political flyers in my mailbox (once I received 3 in one day from the same candidate!! Waste I tell you!) My problem is not my ability to sniff out inefficiency, my problem is, I say “…………….wasted resources…………!” and almost instantly in my mind I see this-

And hear this “Well, I hope you kids see what a silly waste of resources this was.”

Help!! I'm turning into Clark's mother-in-law!!!

But, do you want to know what is NOT a waste of resources? Okay, I’ll tell you.

Yesterday afternoon as I sat on my front porch bench trying to soak up some sunny disposition, the mailman arrived with the usual- bills, election propaganda, magazines, catalogs, you know what I mean, you get mail. I began to go through the pile, because if it’s not worth bringing in the house it never crosses the threshold, I take it straight to the recycle can, I never waste my resources, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this-

A big bumpy envelope from Virginia.

And inside this-

I don’t know if it’s a riddle (I have been racking my brain to solve it), a Christmas wish list (you want things that end in O-camo, ammo, Elmo?), or just clever recycling. Either way you made me smile. Thanks tricky mail sending relatives. You rock.

Lastly, yesterday I was all doom and gloom. What a ridicules waste of resources. Thanks for your kind comments. I really loved what sue q said “There are days that the best we can expect is to just keep breathing. And deeply. And then we blog about it, and go on with our life.” Exactly. Last night I watched the Biggest Loser, which I don’t usually do because it always makes me cry, and I felt so awful for the woman (Amy?) who had to leave, of course I cried. Like a baby. She said something though, about being a half-full gal on a half-empty team, and I thought it perfectly described me lately. I’m a half-full girl having a half-empty month, I just need to breathe and keep going.


Ward and June said...

You haven't solved the riddle yet-tsk, tsk.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I happened to be mailing Halloween things at the same time as going through our mail:-) Waste not, want not, right? Or something?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey, you woulda felt better sooner if you had read my blog and saw that I crowned you with an award. But I realize you're thoughts are much too important to read my silly babble. ;)

Scroll down to Friends, Fans and Followers.

And hey, DON't do it! Don't turn into your mother-in-law. I'm telling you. It's a conspiracy and your husband is in on it!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

What a riddle? I am no good at those...good luck! Sorry about your sucky weekend...hate those.