Sunday, October 26, 2008

But it doesn't look anything like me.

*Thanks for the input. I'm going to go with photo B. for now, at least until I can get some glamour shots taken.
So, my husband who never looks at my blog, looked at it this weekend and he had this to say-

“That picture is awful; it doesn’t look anything like you.”

Yep, that’s the review. I guess it’s better than “Why did you say all that stuff about me and my mother?” But now I can’t decide what to do about the picture. I hate all pictures of myself. The ones he likes I don’t, and well, there really aren’t any I like. I’m thinking of going photoless. The only reason I decided to have a picture is because I like to see other people so I thought it was only fair. But now I am hearing that it doesn’t look anything like me. UGH!!

So, could the two of you who know me please tell me, yes or no on this picture the one in the corner, for the profile?

Or ---I can’t believe I am doing this ----

One of these? Vote. Please.

* Even if you don't know me, I can (obviously) use the help.

A. Long hair, no make up.
B. Make up, bangs need a trim.
C. Make up, goofy self portrait.
D. Me and Ivy
E. Bill's portrait.


Ward and June said...

So I am not very helpful because they all look like you to me. I like the "goofy self portrait" your eyes are such a pretty shade (does that sound lame or like I'm hitting on you? I may be lame but I am NOT trying to hit on you.) of blue. But I also like the one where your bangs need a trim and then one of you and Ivy. See, I am no help. I hate pictures of myself too so I completely understand but I will NOT vote for the painting, that is just an interpretation of you no matter how good, does that help?

I didn't really think so either.

NOT your brother (because that would maybe just be really creepy?).

Becky said...

Well, my vote probably won't count since I don't know you, but I like B. Hmm. I like C, too.

Flip, you look great in all of 'em. You have fabulous hair, by the way!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I like B or C, but I think they're all good.

Cheryle said...

Okay, so I don't know you, but I like the one you have. It's friendly and not posed-looking, and I just like it!

beeeeeeeee said...

That's funny. My husband doesn't like my picture either (but it is the only one I can stand to look at). I put it up for the same reason you do.

I can't really say which ones look like you since I don't know you but I like the one you have - you look friendly and fun.

(Thanks for voting for me on Chelle's site!)