Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Because you ought to know.

I say too much. Except when I don’t say anything.

On some topics I only need the slightest encouragement and the flood gates are open. Then I spend days wishing I would have just given a polite one word answer.

Other times, I feel really strongly about something but I keep quiet. Then I spend days wishing I would have spoken up.

Also, I can’t keep a secret.

I just thought I should tell you, you know, in case you were thinking of confiding in me, or expecting me to defend your “honor”.


Ward and June said...

Did I recently confide in you? I can't remember, but I never had any honor to begin with so I'm not that worried.

I, too, say too much. Like all the time. Especially on my blog, on the telephone and in person.

wesley's mom said...

I haven't sold you down the river yet, but you never know what will happen when I get carried away.

trublubyu said...

this is funny. i can totally relate. i often wish i had said more and then sometimes beat my head against a wall because i have said too much.

glad to see i'm not alone in this.