Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sky is Falling

Or is it? By the end of the day yesterday between national and local news reports, endless homework assignments, my dreary dead end job and the undercooked rice we were served for dinner I was starting to think maybe it was going to crash right down on my head.

I decided to go to bed early and end the torture. As I was lying there watching History Detectives (don’t you LOVE that show?) our 10 year old came in to watch with me, he’s convinced we are being conned and that those people aren’t REAL detectives. But he likes to watch anyway. He told me that he wishes he were still a little kid (because he’s all of 10 now, he’ll be moving out any minute) so he could still sleep in our bed. Then he hung out and held my hand and watched as we learned about war time musical productions.

Things must not be as bad as I thought.

This morning I felt better, and even though it has been a busy day, I am not feeling quite as hopeless tonight. I know that things tend to have a way of working out and I am fortunate to be one of those glass half-full kind of gals.

That said, I do know my limits. I’m skipping the quarterly Relief Society dinner tonight. I heard a rumor that there were going to be blindfolds involved—not in a fun Fear Factor kind of way either- and I knew that I would be better served by another night in watching public television.

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