Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reforming the Voting Process

You know how I hate to talk politics here on ye olde blog but sometimes (like once or twice a week) it can’t be helped. I’ve read a few articles in the last couple of weeks that have me all in frenzy, and that’s never pretty. When I’m not ranting about finance reform and the evils of corporate greed you can probably catch me going on about the voting process. I am sooo much fun at parties!

First I read about these college students in Virginia, then I watched Recount, and yesterday I happened upon this. And this. Go on, read them and come back.

People, is this America? Weren’t we the ones cheering so loudly when the Afghanis got to vote? Isn’t the whole point of an election to choose new leaders in a fair and orderly manner? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Yet here we are, letting a few decide for the many, complaining about the two-party system and the Electoral College. Is it not possible that if some of us took action, if just some of us got involved, we could make a difference?

As voters we MUST push our legislators to come up with an acceptable national voting program. The only way we can have fair elections is if we are ensured that ALL votes are being tabulated in the same manner. Maybe I’m naive but I believe in the country our founding fathers worked so hard to establish and so many others have fought for. I believe in democracy and the constitution. I fear there are a lot of voices not being heard and votes not being counted, that’s not gonna work for me.

You know who does work for me? (allegedly) John McCain, senator from Arizona. What a coincidence, I LIVE in Arizona. I think I’ll drop him a line (or 6 or 10) today. After that I’m going to spend some time checking these guys out.

What do you think?  I'd love to hear it.


Becky said...

"We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses."

What the...?

I'm so frustrated with politics right now. I feel overwhelmed and under-informed (at least truthful, unbiased information) to begin with, and then crap like this comes up.

Ward and June said...

Was that a stump speech?

-Wesley's Mom '08-

Where you live wouldn't even matter if we elected our President based on Popular Vote. Every American should get a vote that counts, and that is the only way to do it. The truth is that most Americans live in a solidly RED or BLUE state, and that must be somewhat disheartening for people with a disenting vote. How many people do you think stay home because they live in Alabama and are a Democrat or they live in California and are a Republican?

By the way, when your founding fathers formed this country only White Male Property Owners had the right to vote.

-A Vote For Sue Is a Vote For Change-

-Wesley's Mom, Waiting To Stand Up For You-

Can I get a job on your campaign? I can make signs and buttons, but I don't want to work the phones.


wesley's mom said...

The beauty of the constitution drafted by the "founders of liberty" is that it can be amended, thereby ideally allowing me and everyone else the opportunity to vote. I agree that elections should be determined by the popular vote. The electoral college is not a friend to the American voter.

You can be my campain manager, but I am not going to have any gimicky VP. (I know you were going to try to slip Jessie Ventura on the ticket)

Ward and June said...

Jessie is a great man.

wesley's mom said...

I guess it's all in your perspective.