Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maybe I am that crazy.

Have you ever been going along-tra la la-thinking you’re not THAT crazy, then you go to a new shrink therapist for the first time and she asks you to tell her about your life, from birth to today? So, you give her the benefit of the doubt, I mean she is the shrink therapist after all, and instead of saying “Lady, that’s gonna take way more than an hour!” you politely begin to tell your story. Everything goes along fine until you are about all of about 6 years old then it becomes soo obvious why you need a shrink therapist in the first place and pretty soon the time is up and you feel a whole lot worse about things than you did an hour ago?

Yeah, me neither, but that would really suck if something like did happen and if you didn’t even have time to finish so you have to continue your tale of woe next week, yeah, you’d really be looking forward to that.


Ward and June said...

An hour an all you got to was age 6? I am no shrink, I mean therapist, but I can be a good listener, if you ever want to talk. I'm not asking you to spill the beans or something, I am just saying that if you ever wanna talk I am here for you but I don't neccessarily have any answers but it may be helpful and it would be a lot cheaper than a shrink, I mean therapist.

I mean not like you are seeing a therapist or any of this even happened to you, I'm just saying if it ever did, I am always here.

-Not your brother

wesley's mom said...

It was the Jr. High years that really slowed things down.

I'm okay. I've just been a little depressed lately and sometimes it helps to talk to someone. I'm not sure if this is the right shrink for me. She seemed a little too shocked by my life story, which really isn't all that horrible. I need someone who has been around the psychological block a few times, if you know what I mean.

Like Dr. Phil.