Monday, September 22, 2008

I don't feel like an old woman

This weekend I was in a car with 3 fifteen year old girls and another woman my age. It was my friend’s car and the girls were some of the Mia Maids from our ward. Looking for some music that would be tolerable to everyone my friend popped in her Immaculate Collection CD. For a few minutes the two of us sang along and reminisced about the olden days and our love of the 80’s. We were carefree laughing, singing, and dancing in our seats. Then we noticed the girls in the backseat weren’t joining us in our sing along.
“What’s wrong,” my friend asked. “don’t you like this music?”
“Who is this anyway?” asked teen #1, not even trying to hide how uncool she thought we were.

Just like that we were slammed back into the reality of our geriatric lives. We're old, no getting around it. I bet that’s how Madonna feels when she sees this-

Be sure to check out the dancers. That is some talent there. I wonder what they're doing now.

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

This would have been perfect for my new Linky Love Bloggy thing I'm starting for Mondays...My...Don't you hate it when...

lol...that is so funny!