Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Halloween Request

Halloween is just around the corner, I know this because I was at Target this morning. I love Halloween, the costumes, the decorating, and the candy of course, although I will say, I love it more in an understated Martha Stewart kind of way than a 10 foot tall inflatable Homer Simpson dressed as Dracula kind of way. But that’s another topic for another day. Today I have something else on my mind.

As I walked through Target I couldn’t help noticing the costume aisle. That’s where I saw this-
Which brings me to my plea; I am begging you, it’s early, start scheming now, but whatever you do DON’T let your sweet little girl go Trick or Treating dressed as a hooker “dark angel” OR as this version of Little Red Riding Hood.
I have to wonder what people are thinking. Does someone really think it’s cute to have their daughter dressed as this soda shop girl? With those platform shoes and thigh high stockings?!
While I’m at it, one more thing, I don't care how much your pooch likes to dress up, for the love of Jack Skellington do not dress your pet as a HOT DOG!! Really, no one wants to see that.


Ward and June said...

Me and Ward were discussing the same thing on a recent trip to The Factory Card Outlet where we encountered costume after costume that seemed more suitable for dance clubs than to dress your young daughter in to go Trick or Treating. We were out looking for costumes and we're rather disappointed in the local selections, both because of originality and taste.

If Bailey ever wants to go as a Call Girl, I mean angel, I will know exactly where to look.

Alyson said...

Ha - love your use of Jack Skellington's name!