Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now they tell me

Living in the fiery depths of hell (Arizona) has it’s benefits, you know, the endless summer, limitless cacti, and of course let us not forget Sheriff Joe, but one thing I really hate is being last to know everything. (Well, besides Hawaii, but I mean its Hawaii, do they even take a break from their luaus on the beach to watch the news?)
I awoke this morning, at 6a.m., to find that Mr. Obama had announced his running mate hours ago. And though I was not surprised by his choice, and I even think it’s a good one, it’s like being late to the conversation. It’s a little bit annoying.
That said, I am glad to see Senator Biden on the ticket. If there is one thing the current administration has taught us it’s the power of the VP. It will be interesting to see what McCain tries to pull out of his hat this week.

As an undecided voter from his home state I hope he has the courtesy to wait until I wake up to make his announcement.

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Ward and June said...

I know, it's a good thing that I don't sleep anymore.