Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm thinking of writing a little advice book of my own.

Much like a rebellious cynical teenager I have had enough of THE BOOK. I’m finishing up my report on it, but I have to tell you it’s like choking down my grandpa’s moussaka. I’m having a hard time.

It’s not a bad book, and the advice is fine, it’s just, well, it’s common sense. The things in this book are things either I am already doing or know I ought to be. My biggest problem is in the moment speaking before I think. The hard part making any change is developing new habits, and the bottom line is that this is a book about changing how you react to your kids, and that when you change, so will they.

The thing I find myself wondering the most as I read this is “How does someone write a book like this, containing nothing new or profound, and get published?”

Anyway, enough of that.

It’s the first day of school and I promised hot breakfast all week. Gotta run.

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Ward and June said...

Hot breakfast ALL week, what are you running for mother of the year or something?