Saturday, August 9, 2008

I wonder if Oprah would like to hear about my experience?

Yesterday went really well, only once or twice did I have to use my tactic from Day One, and nothing really escalated to a level where consequences were needed. I’m starting to think that we don’t need some stinking book, but maybe I should write one.

Day Three-Parenting Style

Oh, so now it’s all about me. Today I am supposed to think about my parenting style and find a balance between being a dictator and being overly permissive. Well, now, if I had known I was going to have to change myself I would have never taken this silly challenge.

Really, the bottom line is that so far I haven’t read anything earth shattering here, it’s just reminding me of the importance of being consistent and meaning what I say. Kids need boundaries and responsibility, but they also need love and respect. These are things most people know, the challenge is remembering what’s important when you are in the heat of it all.

In other news* The Olympics began yesterday. I am usually a big fan of the Olympics, --because I was nearly an Olympian myself—ha!ha!ha!

I have mixed feelings about the competitions this year what with China hosting and all of the doping scandals, but I know I will still drag my kids into the room and make them watch and give them that whole speech about commitment and doing your best, and not even a severe mocking from my husband will keep me from crying during the “spotlight” moments and the coffee commercials.

What do you think, are the days of true athletes and honorable competition gone forever?

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