Friday, July 11, 2008

Once in a while we get a little rain.

It rained last night. Actually, it poured last night. For a LONG time.

The kids were so excited. They would have put on their swimsuits and gone out to play, except they were already wearing their swimsuits, because this is Arizona, and it's summer, and we don't wear clothes (except on Sunday, we always wear clothes on Sunday).

So they went out and it was fun. Until the busybody neighbor said "Hey, you kids should get inside. I saw some lightening!" Which scared one of them but just annoyed the others.

"I can't believe that guy's trying to tell us what to do!" complained the annoyed children.

"Maybe we should go in before we get shocked." said the fraidy cat.

I went to bed. I've seen rain before. This morning our yard looks like Oklahoma after a twister.

(the remains of a bag of charcoal--the wind blew the lid off the grill!)
The problem with not ever having weather is that we aren't prepared when some comes along. The hatches haven't been battened down,- if you know what I mean.

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