Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's been a rewarding day already.

This morning I was REALLY mean. I was the worst kind of mother, if you don’t count the “step-mother”.

First, I didn’t let my 9 year old take 5 quarters (of HIS OWN money) to the pool so he could buy a Mountain Dew before dive practice. He was so upset he could hardly look at me. It didn’t stop him from talking though. “Come on! It’s my money. It’s not even dollars, it’s only quarters. PLEASE?!” “What’s the big deal? I won’t drink it all before practice, only half.” And of course the best of all-“That’s not fair!! I don’t tell you how to spend your money.”

Then I made the Demandatron clip her bangs. I know. I suck. She’s been “growing them out” for about 6 months and now they are just the right length to completely cover her eyes each time she comes up for a breath if they haven’t been pulled back. Although she is not very sensitive in a lot of ways, the nerve endings on her scalp cause her a great deal of pain anytime there is styling to be done. –It’s not so great for my nerve endings either.

My crowning achievement came when my 15 year old shouted to me-“I don’t have any socks!!”
“Sure you do.” I replied. “They are under that mountain of laundry next to the dryer.” That’s when he made a loud sighing noise and I told him to fold the mountain of laundry and find his socks. Oh, you can’t imagine the weeping and wailing when a 15 year old boy has been forced to fold clothes that are not his own. The injustice of it all. He only wanted some socks, he has other things to do, it’s so unfair.

All before noon. I feel like I have done more than the Marines today. I deserve a reward.

Silence would be wonderful.

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