Thursday, July 31, 2008

I thought an end of the month update might be in order, just in case all three of my faithful readers were wondering about any loose ends around here.

1. My husband gave up on the lengthy chore list everyday. He is still coming up with a couple of doozys a week, but mostly we can all live with it.

2. I’m still having anxiety on Sundays, but maybe someday my new shrink will have a minute or two to address that issue.

3. Okay, so then there was that pesky sending my kid to Utah/Family auction thing. The auction went surprisingly well and our girl spent a fun filled week with her cousins and peace has been achieved in the land. For now.

4. Swim and dive team ended successfully with both boys making it to the City Finals and everyone having Olympic dreams. (Or maybe those were nightmares from the Greg Louganis training videos they were forced to watch on youtube)

5. That whole “I think my friend doesn’t like me anymore drama”—All in my head. Yep I’m just a little paranoid. See #2

6. I’m still sweating at night. I haven’t tried any herbal remedies yet. I’m trying denial for a month or two. I’ll let you know how that works for me.

7. No word on my dad’s love life. Hallelujah! What I mean is, he can have all the romance he wants, I’m just not quite up to hearing about it.

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