Thursday, July 3, 2008

He knows not what he does

My husband thinks the kids need something to do during the day. He thinks they are wasting the summer away, brains rotting and all that stuff. He could be right.

He came up with a "clever" solution.

There's a list of things he can't seem to get to (cleaning out the attic, washing the truck, recaulking the tub.......--it's a long list) and what if the kids worked on those things instead of sitting around with the brain rot all day long.

Hmmm. What if? In theory this is a great idea. Keep the kids busy while checking off items on his endless to do list. Two birds with one stone, if you will. Every evening he thinks up a task or two and says to me "Tommorrow have the kids strip the shingles off our roof and replumb the downstairs shower." Then he gets up in the morning and goes to work. At the end of the day he returns to a shiny new roof and a leak free bathroom. Good plan, right?

HA! Noooooo! Really bad plan!

Here's what happens between the time he leaves and the time he returns-

I say, "Hey guys dad wants you to put in a new sprinkler system this morning." Then the weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth begins.

"That's no fair!"

"It's like he thinks we are his personal handymen or something!"

"I always have to do everything!"

"Doesn't he know I have a LIFE?!"

And those are the nice things. There is also lots of arguing, because working along side your brothers brings out the criticism like nobodies business. So, I mediate, encourage, and threaten until the day's job is done. Then when we are all too worn out to fight anymore Dad comes home. He's proud of himself for having such a great idea.

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