Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have a nice day

Okay, so my dad has always thought he was somewhat of a ladies man. (Possibly contributing to the demise of my parents' marriage) I can remember being a teenager and having him tell me that he didn’t think it was wrong for a man to “expect a little something” from a woman if he had paid for a nice night out.

I pause now, to ask you, can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine a father saying this to his daughter? Me neither!! But I promise you he did.

My father has been married twice, to my mother, and to my step mother. Easter weekend my step mother died. We did not have a relationship at all and she made it very difficult for my dad to have a relationship with my brothers and me. Since her passing he has made, in my opinion, a pretty serious effort to show us all he wants to be in our lives again. I’m glad, I have missed him.

He is living and working in Germany now so most of our communication is in the form of e-mail. It’s better than nothing and extremely convenient when I receive a message like this-

First a nice paragraph of small talk,
you know kids, weather, blah, blah. Then all alone one line.-

I have been shocked by the number of women who want to communicate with me. I may have questions as this progresses.

Then back to the small talk.

You see, if we had been on the phone, or heaven forbid in person, he would have probably noticed the soda coming out of my nose as I choked nearly to death. I would probably have blurted out something like-

“What women? Are you insane? Questions? For me? What are ya, the bachelor?” Or maybe “For crying out loud, grow up already!!”

Oh thank you masters of the internet for the e-mail, giving me a chance to gather my thoughts and regain my composure before I reply.

Any dating advice I can pass along to my dad?

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Ward and June said...

I'd tell him to "pay" for a nice night out, and then see what happens.