Monday, July 28, 2008

And another thing about those uncivilized heathens who "raised" me

Whenever I make biscuits and gravy my mother-in-law asks me if it is a traditional food made by my “people”.

Yes, it is, I want to tell her, just as your heritage is steeped in Funeral Potatoes and Jell-O salad, my background is also very traditional and my ancestors took care to make sure each generation was able to carry on in the artery clogging ways of our forefathers.

It’s true, I come from a long line of hillbillies. The folks who raised me were very eccentric, as well as being handy with an iron skillet. They often created unusual dishes like biscuits and gravy, or fried chicken and mashed potatoes, fried beef liver and onions. Fried mushrooms, fried zuccuni, fried green tomatoes, and of course, fried okra. Then there is the ancient technique of preparing green beans by cooking them in bacon grease thus rendering them tender and tasty like nobody's business, a skill that has been perfected over the years. And I’m proud(?) to say that no one does chicken gizzards like my granny. Thank goodness.

MMMM yep, my people sho nuf knows how to cook. Don’t be jealous of our high cholesterol levels.

I’m afraid at times though, that I shame them with my grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and fruit served sans a sugary glaze.

I have not however, completely turned my back, my children know how to make fried egg gravy and how to skin a squirrel. Someday soon I’m going to tell them lard.


Ward and June said...

Do you know what we here in VA like? Mashed potatoes and Hamburger Helper, any kind of hamburger helper. The people who bring you up ruin you in so many ways. There just aren't enough hours in adulthood for all the therapy we need.

wesley's mom said...

Would that be the traditional cheeseburger macaroni or the new fangled spicy nacho hamburger helper?

We used to have HH about once a week when I was a youngster. We also had those delish swanson frozen entrees.

Mommom said...

We should get our families together for a combined family reunion.

Our arteries may never forgive us but Ooooh - our tummies would be SOOOooo happy.

I have to say that I still cook my green beans that way - ok - I use butter.

I make Chicken N' Dumplin's (not the biscuit kind - rolled from scratched, boiled in the broth kind.)

And the eternal question is how does your family make sweet potato casserole. With Marshmallows or pecans on top? (I'm pecans all the way)

I have relatives that don't pronounce the word aunt like ant or aunt - but like aint :) I love 'em :)

And we're having the traditional basic Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper for dinner tonight :)