Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10 Years Old!!

I have decided that I am so over the not using my kids names on the blog. If I were getting a slew of readers from all over the world I might feel differently, but seeing as it's really only my family stopping by, and they already know my kids names, I'm going to go for it.

Now that I have that out of the way. It's Eli's birthday today!!! He's 10. And he's fabulous!! Here are 10 reasons why Eli is great. 1. He's always happy. I'm not kidding. He smiles all the time and rarely complains about anything. 2. He's very generous. He's always giving people things, he shares, and when he has money he buys things for his brothers and sisters and cousins. 3. He worries about other people's feelings. It's not very often you see a 10 year old boy that is so compassionate (trust me, I have a lot of boys and they have a lot of friends, compassion is hard to come by in boys). 4. He's a great diver. First place at last week's meet. Woo Hoo!!
5. He makes really good ramen noodles. He's practically a chef. 6. He loves legos. 7. He's funny. His stand-up routine is hilarious. Just ask his grandma.
8. He has lots of energy and his uses it for good, not evil. 9. He loves swimming. He's in the pool everyday. 10. He keeps his room clean. When you have 5 kids having even one that is tidy is priceless.
Happy Birthday Eli!!!

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