Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's a little mess amoungst family?

A messy house = a cranky mom.

I wish it were not so, but alas, I cannot stand the clutter. Yesterday my daughter told me about her friend’s home that is “really nice, not even messy at all.”

I told her our house could be like that too, if everyone cleaned up their junk.

Her reply-“Well, that’s NEVER gonna happen.”

After I stopped crying (because she is the messiest one of all), I came to the sad realization that she is probably right. I live with the “Messy Family”.

Let me introduce you-

Daddy Messy-Has tons of papers, not quite dirty clothes, and tools lying around. In almost every room you will find a stack of “important” papers that you are not to touch. He wants to be tidy, but I think it’s genetically impossible, his mother is the same way.

Messy Teen Type1- Mostly tidy but lacking the desire to put things in their actual spot. Figuring that near the closet is just as good as in the closet.

Messy Teen Type2- Collects soda bottles, political signs, shoe laces, gum wrappers, bicycle parts, this young man is pretty much Fred Sanford reincarnated.

Messy Teen Type3- Sees no need to make beds or pick up shoes, clothes or books- anything that he might need to touch again in the next 48-72 hours. It’s the old “why make your bed when you are just going to get back in at the end of the day?” argument.

Messy Boy Child- Scatters Legos throughout the house. Like a squirrel, he is obviously afraid he will be caught in the east wing without a Bionicle and a natural disaster will strike. Also has a serious fear of picking towels up off the floor or removing them from the pool area.

The Demandatron- Is like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. Instead of a cloud of dust and trash she is surrounded by a cloud of Polly Pocket shoes, ponytail holders, the 3 outfits she has worn before noon and small pieces of paper. These things fall randomly from her cloud as she goes from room to room.

I have been told upon requesting a spill be cleaned up that “it was an accident!” this is a little known loophole that absolves the spiller from using a papertowel. I have been told upon asking who got an item out “I did, but he was the last person to touch it!” I have found more milk cartons containing less than a swallow in my fridge than I care to count.

In the grand scheme of things does it matter if our house is a little messy?

I hope not.

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Ward and June said...

I didn't know we lived in the same house, I guess due to all the clutter we never run into each other.