Monday, June 30, 2008

Get off my back all ready.

So, I know some of you--okay one of you- are (is) wondering when I am going to post something new and captivating and clever. Me too. I have like 6 things in the works, I just can't seem to get it together and make them ready for the public. I think the main issue I'm having is that it's hot here. Really, really hot. Like 115. And I can't focus. The heat is getting to me. I promise, today, it's on my list. Something clever is coming. Soo clever, you'll be shocked at how clever and captivating I am.


Ward and June said...

I too feel the same way, not about your blog but ours, like I keep wanting to post something uplifting and enlightening but I haven't had the time or the thoughts for it.

wesley's mom said...

Oh, I didn't say it would be uplifting or enlightening, just captivating... Possibly in the train wreck kind of way.