Thursday, May 22, 2008

Someone is going to pay.

This morning the Demandatron demanded that she be allowed to walk home from school today.

“It’s the last day, and you never let me.” She reasoned. I quickly reminded her that creepy child stealers don’t care one wit about the last day of school. They will steal you just as quickly on the last day as the first.

“Please!!” she begged.

So we made a plan where her older (and wiser) brother would meet her and they could walk home together, because no child stealer would take two children at the same time. (I am very much aware of the cracks in my logic, thank you very much.)

Now it is raining, which NEVER happens here, so she will have to be picked up, and after the doughnut disaster of this morning (don’t ask) I am sure I will be accused of performing Native American Rain Dances in my spare time just so I could ruin her day.

Such is the glory of motherhood.

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