Thursday, May 1, 2008

“She’s a big, big girl.”

If, while watching Lars and the Real Girl, I felt like I could identify more with Lars than any of the other characters, is that weird?

The scene when he takes Bianca to the party was painful for me. I felt sorry for Lars, but I also felt déjà vu. I have been in situations that felt just as uncomfortable. Often.

My husband thought it was the stupidest movie EVER, at least he thought the first 30 minutes were. After that he could watch no more. He could however ridicule me from the next room---Hmmm, I wonder if Bianca has a brother?


blah blah blah said...

Didn't you just feel so bad for Lars? And don't you just feel bad for Sullivan for not appreciating good cinema?

I don't know if Bianca has a brother but unfortunately I think she has A LOT of sisters.

Weird? I don't know, I live in a household where at least 50% of the residents find Bob Geldof attractive, so who are we to judge?


wesley's mom said...

I do feel bad for Sullivan, he doesn't share my love for movies at all. I keep him around because he has such a cool name.