Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The number one school is here, does that count?

Newsweek released this list of the top public high schools in the country. I'm not entirely sure what criteria they used for ranking the schools (I mean, they provided it, I just didn't read it.), but I know what they didn't use. Dry heat.

That's right, after a brief study I have learned that in Arizona, where we have chosen to educate our children there are 6 good high schools, 6 and none in the actual city where we reside. But in Virginia, where we decided NOT to have our children learn, there are 83 good high schools. Virginia being a pretty small state, I am left with no choice but to conclude that EVERY stinking school in the state that we decided NOT to have our children educated is a GOOD school. It looks to me like the rankers of schools over there at Newsweek have given WAY to much credit for damp and rainy, when everyone knows that dry heat is proven to increase your brain power like by 2 or 3 percent over humid and wet any day of the week (except Thursday).

I would like to thank the state of Arizona for it’s dedication to the future of our children. You had 1300 chances to make the list and 6 was the most you could manage, 6, that's it?! It's like you aren't even trying.

So, thanks Arizona,-- thanks for nothing.
Let the gloating and the pouring of salt on my “I just paid gazillions of dollars to send my kids to summer school at their crappy high school in Arizona” wounds begin.


Ward and June said...

4 of those schools are in the town of Lynchburg. It was in a paper. I think they are tying to help us feel better about where we live. The high school where our kids would go however is not on the list.

I love what you have done with the blog, I am always wanting to change ours up a bit and then always changing it back because I don't do change well.

If you decide that you want to raise your children in a state with 83 good schools we have a house we could sell you.

I know, not funny.

wesley's mom said...

What I really want is to have 83 good schools in the state I live in, but things being what they are, that will be a cold day in ...

I am not going to tell Sullivan about the school thing, because even though things like that don't usually influence him, he's always bringing up how I ruint his life by making him live here (he's VERY dramatic) and this would just fuel him a little more.