Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's actually quite a bargain.

Not long ago my son told me how many songs our family had downloaded (i.e. paid for) from iTunes. It was no small number and for a few seconds I felt a little ill. All of that money for what? Music?

Then I got to thinking. When I download something it is usually because I am pretty sure I am going to listen to it. I like music, it entertains me. It uplifts me. It makes me want to dance. And sing. (It embarrasses my children when I dance and sing, so I try to get it out of my system while they are at school.)

Mood improved multiplied by times listened to divided by $.99 = worth every penny


blah blah blah said...

I think you should get it out of your system like say when your children have lots of friends over, ah the eye rolling and excuses that would ensue! Fun!

wesley's mom said...

Believe me, if that were my only method of embarrassment I would be all over it, but I am pretty creative.

I could write a book, "1001 ways to horrify your children in front of their friends."