Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Crap

I’m getting slightly freaked out. I have had a humongous migraine for 5 days , I am leaving for camp in 3 days and I have 1 million things to do before then. You do the math.

It’s not pretty.

It’s worse than the pool towel to swimmer ratio thing.


Ward and June said...

I too am leaving in 3 days, have a huge headache and a million things to do and poor little Coop is teething, when you find the solution to that equation, please forward it.

Ward and June said...

By the way, my point was I too feel your pain, though my headache arrived this morning and isn't a migraine, I wasn't trying to 'top' you with the sick child thing in case you thought I was. You totally win! I just meant I could relate.

wesley's mom said...

Trust me, teething baby is worth extra points everytime.

Sorry he's not feeling well, and I hope it doesn't make your trip unhappy.

He sure is cute though, we got the pictures yesterday, they are both adorable. Sullivan said-"how is he sitting like that?"--he's silly.
You guys are so tricky!

Ward and June said...

We are so tricky. Todd calls those snap shots "What happens when you live your son's birthday hat at our house". I can't remember what other photos I sent because they removed about half of my brain during labor and delivery and I can no longer remember anything.