Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did I mention that I love Batman?

Last night we saw Ironman, it rocked. You can read all about it here.

OR you can stay here and read my review of the previews we saw before the movie.

The Hulk was up first. I really enjoy Edward Norton, really, a lot. I think though, that it is time for everyone to admit that the Hulk is not meant to be on the big screen, and no amount of Ed Norton is going to change the facts.

The Dark Knight. Well, I just love Batman, I think Christian Bale is great, and leaving sentiment at the door, I think Heath Ledger makes a really good joker.

The Love Guru. For the Love of all Gurus, enough with Mike Myers and his endless SNL skit movies. Please!! I beg.

Prince Caspian. I guess if you are into all of that, it looks okay. Me personally, I am over all of the digital movies. It has its place, but its place is not EVERYWHERE.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Well, Indiana Jones, of course I am going to see that one.

There were a couple more, My City Screams, it was a little cryptic, probably just some thing I am not in the know about, and a stupid looking new Adam Sandler movie, UGH!

It was a lot of previews, but I like that. I love going to the movies and now I have a list that I am eagerly awaiting.


blah blah blah said...

I love going to the movies and I love previews, even when we buy a movie we watch the previews on the DVD, we just bought the movie Savages after previewing the trailer on another DVD.

blah blah blah said...

I'm having a bit of a hard time with this Ironman thing. Is this a cleverly disguised artsy movie and not an explosion-packed action movie?

Do I need say:

Who are you and what have you done with my extremely discriminating sister.


wesley's mom said...

First of all, I am going to consider it a compliment that you call me extremely discriminating, because I know you mean it in the best way possible.

Ironman was not Pride and Prejudice BUT it was fun. The best part was probably watching Eli, he was literally on the edge of his seat the entire time. He hardly blinked. I have been to plenty of cheesy movies of this genre so I think I can safely tell a decent one from a rotten one. This one was pretty darn good.

Go see it for yourself and report back.

blah blah blah said...

We wait for DVD's around here. Except maybe that X-Files movie in July. Wanna go with?