Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who could ask for anything more?

There seems to be a theme to my day and it’s only 9:30 in the morning.

After dropping my son off at school I saw this bumper sticker-

My Dog is an Honor Student
At Pete & Mac's Pet Resort.

I’ve got just a couple of things to say to this guy. First, I don’t care about your dogs position on the honor roll, and second, that doesn’t sound like much of a “resort” if you are a student. I don’t like to take spelling tests when I’m at the spa (or I don’t think I would if I ever went to a spa).
I’m going to get a sticker made that says-

My daughter is an Honor Student
At Mrs.***** Day Spa for 2nd Graders

Anyway……I came home a checked my e-mail and found this. “How old is your dog really?” Click here to take the FREE dog age test. What the? Seriously, I’m looking at my fat balding dog right now as she takes her third nap of the morning, knowing her “real” age could send her over the edge. I don’t think she could take it. So out of respect for her, I’m gonna skip the doggy age test. That’s the only reason. If my dog were in better shape I would take that test in a second. Thanks a bunch to who ever put me on that mailing list.

Which brings me to this. The 2nd item in my inbox. Go on, check it out for yourselves.

We’re you as touched by that as I was?

I believe this little doggy theme in my day is because I didn’t forward that lucky “Good Morning” e-mail from yesterday. It warned me that if I let it end with me my luck would end too.

When will I learn?


blah blah blah said...

I want a bumper sticker that reads "My dog is as dumb as they come but we continue to feed him."

I am so happy that so few people send me forwards, when people do I usually delete them before I even read them.


wesley's mom said...

I usually delete them too, but every once in a while there is something "clever" in the subject box and I just have to take a peek.

I always regret it.

blah blah blah said...

Your dog is old. That's all you need to know, right?
Our dogs are stupid. Enough said. Snowflea is annoying.

I could be one of those pet therapists or something. But not a pet phychic.