Monday, April 14, 2008

What next?

My in-laws live in a lovely little town in Utah. It used to be a 2 grocery store metropolis. But this very morning I heard a rumor that Duane’s Market now holds a milk monopoly (if you don’t count those who milk their own cows and goats). That’s right; according to my source The Pioneer Market has closed its door to the grocery shopping public.

Word on the street is you can still have all of your "sportsmanly" needs met at The Pioneer Market, but if you want a bologna sandwich you are going to have to head on down the road. (Don't worry Duane's is just a hop and a skip away. Please don't add a jump, you'll surely miss it.)

If it's true, it is a sad day indeed. No longer can the local residents count on “One Stop” shopping & taxidermy. I mean where else can you shop under the watchful (glass) eye of a lovingly preserved bobcat.

I will always remember when I first learned about the ol’ PM. The brilliance of being about to purchase either shot gun ammo, or ground beef, giving customers the choice between, do it yourself, or living the lush life of taking your meat home already divided into single use portions.

Ah, and the window display, my children thought of it as a petting zoo of sorts. Lions and Tigers and Bears! (not really, there are no tigers in Utah)

If the Pioneer Market can’t make it, what's to become of the Garden of Eatin’? Will this recession never end?


blah blah blah said...

I wish we had a Pioneer Market instead we have a single Walmart. Supposedly we have the busiest Walmart in the country, I read that on the Internet and I don't trust my sources entirely but it does seem like a pretty busy store.

So is Duane's a chain or do they just have more milk connections allowing them to offer milk cheaper? It's probably a good thing, I think taxidermied animals in the front window would erase any kind of urge to shop for groceries, but then again I am a vegetarian.

What and where is the Garden of Eatin' or is that just your slang name for Golden Corral?

Where did you finally get a snapshot of the Ole PM? And are they selling that bobcat, it would make for an interesting home monitoring system don't you think?


wesley's mom said...

Ahhh, so many questions.

Yes Duane's is a chain, I think it's only in Utah. I don't think their milk is any cheaper, they are just the only store (besides convient stores {and there are only a couple of those}) in the whole town. We have actually had "freshness" issues because they really have you over a barrel, it's the only store within about 45 miles.

The Garden of Eatin is a real place. The service is not so hot and come to think of it, neither is the food. We ate there once, it was highly recommended, not our best meal.

As for the picure, I searched high and low. I am a devoted journalist--I mean blogger.

Since the PM is still selling hunting supplies they are probably keeping the bobcat, but I'll keep my ears open. We have some neighbors that actually have a taxidermed javelina in their living room.