Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That was a good one.

My best April fool’s trick ever was a couple of years ago.

I called my husband at work.

Honey,” I said “you are not going to believe this. I have to go to the airport and pick up my mother.
She got in a huge fight with her boyfriend and he kicked her out.”

Here is where I tell you that I NEVER thought he would fall for it. I am not a good tricker. I can’t keep a secret, I don’t even tell jokes because I always laugh. There are no surprise gifts, ask for a hint and I give it all up. I’m an open book.

He fell for it. He was in shock and awe.

Now, of course you would have to know my mother to find this even slightly believable or to understand why it would be so upsetting. It was actually more like a Fire Drill than an April fool’s prank, because the thing is, the scenario I laid out for him could take place on any day at anytime. We all live on pins and needles. The details are many and sorted, not the kind of thing that could be covered in a blog post (more like a Tolkien trilogy.)

“Well, how long will she be here?” he asked

I went on to make up this story about how she was upset and crying and I had no idea how long she would be here. My husband was not happy. His voice was beginning to sound a little tense. I never could have pulled it off in person; I was silently laughing my head off.

Can’t she stay with one of your brothers?”

I told him I hadn’t even thought about any of those things yet. She had called and I was surprised but by then she was on her way and I couldn’t say no.

I really couldn’t believe he was falling for it.

“Well, she can’t live with us
.” He said “She’s going to have to get a job and a place of her own.”

He was starting to get a little worked up so finally I asked him if he knew what day it was. He was so relieved to find out he had been Punk’d.

What’s your best April fool?


blah blah blah said...

I never have any good April Fools Tricks. I am always worried I am going to make someone mad, or happy for no reason or give them a hear attack or...

But Ward pulled a pretty good one this year that involved parole officers, sheriffs, and nine construction workers.


wesley's mom said...

I am dying to hear the details of that one.