Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Keep off my grass!

A sign on my front lawn proclaims my choice in the upcoming runoff mayoral election. A sign that I hope will cause others to stop and think about who they are voting for and of course, consider my candidate. That’s all. I have no hidden agenda.

If you elect (get it?) to vote for someone else, well good for you (I guess, if you want to waste your vote). We can still be neighbors and even friends. And if you want to talk about the election and the candidates, great! I would love to. I have done my research on the issues and the contenders. Let’s chat, maybe you can tell me something I don’t know (though it’s unlikely—I’m KIDDING).

Here’s what that sign is NOT.

It is NOT an invitation for you to mock me or my beliefs. It is NOT your chance to tell me that I am a fool if I think my vote counts. It is NOT time for you to start guessing how I may or may not be voting on other issues and to start belittling me for a choice you assume I will make.

I respect your right to vote for the person you find most qualified, and I would not ever suggest that your right was any less important than mine.

All I ask is the same in return.

Thank you in advance for your respect and courtesy.

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