Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gotta run, I think my phone is ringing......

I like it when my husband calls me on his lunch break.
I feel like his girlfriend. I like it.
When he doesn’t call I worry.

About what you ask?

You didn’t ask?

Don’t you care about my feelings?

I worry that he has gotten hurt, or that he is upset with me for hogging the blankets, or that he is talking to someone more exciting and witty than me (as if that is even possible) and he’s going to decide he doesn’t need to call me on his break anymore because now he has friends.
Friends who actually have something to say besides,

“Whatcha doin’?” "whatcha eatin'?" “ whatcha gonna do after work?”

You know, people who talk about –stuff-.
He didn’t call today, so I’ve got some free time to blog.

Now you are also hoping he didn’t make some thrilling friends at work aren’t you?
Because if I’m not talking to him I’ve got to talk to someone…….


blah blah blah said...

My husband didn't call me today either! We talk a dozen times a day, same old thing, how are ya? whatcha doin? how are the children? How are lives have changed from pre-cell phones to now.


wesley's mom said...

Maybe our husbands were talking to each other!

blah blah blah said...


Probably complaining about our blog addictions no doubt.


The Urban Eater said...

Ha! You sound just like me!
In my head:
"Well, if he didn't call then surely he is lying on the roadside dead, b/c he left the office to pick up lunch and a semi-truck lost its breaks and crunched his Tacoma into two and now he's dead and along and I'll never see him again."
Glad to know others share in my nerousis. I have now managed to keep it inside, rather than act like a nut bag.