Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break, day 1

Our children are on Spring Break. Throughout my entire career as a mother I have always loved school breaks just as much as the kids. I like having them home. I like not being on a schedule. I LOVE not having the whole homework thing hanging over us day in and day out. It’s relaxing. We just hang out and enjoy our time.

Unfortunately the wind has shifted. Our youngest, and only girl, has turned into the child who cannot be satisfied. She has a need to have every minuet of everyday jam packed with activities and snacks. It’s not a sudden change, it has been gradually building for, well, all of her life. But I think she is reaching her peak. (At least I hope she is, I can’t take much more)

At the crack of dawn she begins by giving her sleeping 16 year old brother a St. Patrick’s Day pinch because he forgot to wear green pajamas. After she tells him to lighten up she starts asking me to cook breakfast--that’s right, no cold cereal for this girl, she believes in the benefits of a high cholesterol diet. Then we have the battle of the wardrobe, I don’t know why I bother because the first outfit of the day is usually long gone before she ever leaves the house. It’s important for your clothing to reflect your mood and hers changes often. Once “proper” attire has been settled upon the quest for fulfilling activities begins.

Can I have a friend over? Can I go to someone’s house? Can I paint? Is it almost lunch time? Will you paint my nails? How about we do a make-over in my room? Have you seen my High School Musical CD? When is Dad going to be home? Do we have any glitter? We should go to the movies. Well then, can I at least watch a movie? Is it almost lunch time? What are we having for dinner? I wish we had ice cream. Look at my loose tooth. It’s bleeding.

I am trying to console myself with the idea that an active mind is a sure sign of superior intelligence. It might not be, but it is a sure sign of a mother about to lose her marbles.

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blah blah blah said...

You don't love homework? What's wrong with you? I thought that's a perk of parenting? Helping and by helping I mean practically doing homework with your children.

You should send your youngest out here, we could munch on starches early and frequently together and I would use her energy to help me take care of these babies!