Thursday, March 20, 2008


We have a few boys so I over hear lots of interesting conversations. Things like what body parts do, what noises they make, who would win in a battle between Ironman and the Hulk. I hear video game strategy and plans for spying on older brothers. Quite often I hear an entire episode of the Simpsons reenacted for the educational value.

But twice this week I have heard conversations about something different, something I would have never believed if I hadn’t overheard it with my own ears. Grammar. Yep, they were talking about when to use me and I, you know “Mason and me watched the Simpsons.” Or “Dylan and I want to play the X-Box now.” One of them was actually able to explain the correct answer and why it was right. Then a day later, as if my heart could stand the shock of more learning going on while we are in the middle of a spring break from education I heard this-

Well, that’s an onamonapea.”
You know, like, Pow! Or woof, woof.”
Oh you mean when a word describes a sound.”

Then they changed back into real boys and started making up gross onamonapeas for a while.

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