Monday, March 24, 2008

I really need a nap

I have nothing important or necessarily worthwhile to say, but I am fairly certain that my loyal following is dying to hear something, anything, so here ya go…

I am exhausted, yep, wiped out. Spring Break and Easter weekend have kicked my butt.

We participated in the traditional Spring Break Sleepover Marathon again this year, which is truly the only way to enjoy any vacation. There’s nothing like a never ending flow of children and teenagers who have not slept well in days to make you appreciate the public school system.

Saturday we had our annual family and friends Easter Picnic/Egg Hunt. Which is quite fun, but seems to be attracting a bigger crowd every year, I’m not much for crowds. I prefer small simple gatherings.

I don’t seem to be bouncing back very quickly. I’m tired.


Today our nine year old son had to write a story about who he would have over for dinner if he could choose any five people real or made up, alive or dead.

He picked two friends, one cousin, Will Smith, and Bart Simpson. They are going to have some KFC delivered and play Guitar Hero for the rest of the day. He didn’t have any trouble coming up with his top 5 or a menu. I wish I knew myself so well.

He is also getting ready for the Pinewood Derby this week. His car is very sleek and very gold. I always get nervous about the derby. There is so much pressure to perform and place well, everyone (of course) wants to have the coolest car, the fastest car, the WINNING car.
On Friday our oldest son went to an 80's party. The 80's are all the rage around here with the teenage crowd. It was such a simple innocent time that they all want to experience it. The 80's seem like yesterday to me, and the idea that my kids think of it as a "bygone era" has me wondering if it's time for me to start looking into "Active Adult Communities" and stocking up on bingo cards. Did I mention how tired I am? I'm no spring chicken that's for sure.


blah blah blah said...


I guess we're all getting old, I listen to a lot of "80's music", not because it hip to be retro, but because it's a big part of my cd collection.



blah blah blah said...


Let's see, Bono, Billy Bragg, Barack Obama, Bob Dylan, Brian Hall and we'll be having black bean burritos.

I didn't know KFC delivered out there, is the delivery drivers name start with an s?

the 80's are cool again-awesome!

like Totally!


PS how's about getting rid of that word verification, pretty hard with a baby to not screw up.

wesley's mom said...

Your wish has been granted.
Comment away.

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